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Ocala Development - Ocala Land for Sale

Ocala Development specializes in the development of large acreage tracts, residential subdivisions, mini-farms, and commercial real estate. See Our Properties

Why should an investor/buyer use Ocala Development?

Investors searching for land in Central Florida should use Ocala Development for multiple reasons. Their local knowledge and experience is unparalleled in North Central Florida; Ocala Development has over 75 years of combined experience in all areas of real estate ranging from appraising and land valuation, market analysis, land acquisition, permitting and development, renovation and construction, to marketing and sales. Ocala Development has the proven track record of being successful in the development process from start to finish.

What does Ocala Development specialize in?

Ocala Development specializes in vacant land throughout Central Florida. Our inventory primarily consists of commercial, large acreage residential, and agricultural tracts. We assist our customers in acquiring, managing, marketing, developing, and selling real estate within these unique property types.

How does Ocala Development differ from competitors?

What separates Ocala Development from its competitors is its history of success. With over $250,000,000 in acquisition and sales since its inception, Ocala Development has a track record for not only getting the job done, but getting it done with expertise; we serve our customers with an experienced, successful, investor mindset. We are able to consult with our customers to formulate the right plan to achieve their real estate goals, and execute that plan accordingly.

What is the mission statement of Ocala Development?

Our mission is to be a company founded upon traditional values – a tradition of community, craftsmanship, and of trust. We are always looking toward the future for our customers and the community – as we search to obtain and develop properties throughout Central Florida.