108.48 Acres - Belleview, FL


Address: 8200 SR - 25
City: Belleview
State: Florida
Zip: 34420
Total Price: $1,616,352
MLS #: 355866
•One of the best opportunities in South Marion County

•Property has 83.11 acres on the west of the Belleview Bypass Road and 25.37 on the east.

Price Per Unit: $14,900
Lot Size: 108.48 acres
Per: Acre
Country: USA
Location Description: This property is located along the south R-O-W of CR 25 and SE 82nd Avenue block 1 1/2 miles east of Belleview.
Sections 32 and 33; Township 16S ; Range 23E
Zoning: A-3
Com. Split: 2.5%
Parcel ID Number: 39278-003-00
Current Comprehensive Land Use: Rural/Urban expansion
Proposed Comprehensive Land Use: Medium Density Residential (4 units per acre)

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